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Wardour and One Tribe are working together to protect rainforest, biodiversity and ecosystems in the UK and globally. When you work with Wardour, you automatically save trees in the rainforest and help to improve the carbon footprint of their services.

Wardour is participating in the United Nations Framework for Climate Change to adopt the UN Sustainability Goals. Working together as one tribe to help fight climate change together.

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United Nations Sustainability Goals

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Climate Action Stats

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trees protected

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acres saved

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UN SDG's achieved

Restoring the Ancient Celtic Rainforest In Cornwall

Wardour is taking a regenerative approach and in addition to offsetting their emissions and protecting trees globally, they are supporting the restoration of the Celtic Atlantic Rainforest, in Cornwall in the UK.

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Wardour Carbon Projects

Mataven Jungle Indigenous Guardianship Project

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One Tribe is a Climate Action Platform enabling businesses and their customers to make a positive environmental impact.